Please allow 5-7 days for orders with custom hemming

About Us

Every single pair of jeans let us down at one point or another. We felt as if we were always sacrificing something. From cheap jeans at fast fashion retailers breaking down or losing their shape after a few wears, to splurging on brands at luxury department store in hopes that they would fit better and last longer, they always disappointed. We were tired of having to spend over $200 on jeans that met our criteria. 
We figured there had to be a better way to do it and Days of September was created. It took us two years to perfect the jeans we wear everyday today but it was so worth it. We thought of every detail to make them as elevated and as comfortable as possible. Every single element has been engineered to perfection. 
Every tag is made out of leather with our logo embossed in. We use only selvedge denim but include some stretch to ensure you can wear them all day. The care tags are sewn down to the pockets so they don’t irritate and bother you like most others do. We only use YKK zippers so you never have to worry about them getting stuck. We truly engineered the perfect pair of denim at price that’s actually affordable.
We know once you have these in hand you’ll be blown away. We hope you enjoy rocking them just as much as we enjoyed making them. Welcome to Days of September!